Toga is the first ms word add-in to target facilitating reading and capturing legislation or any other text with its frequently updated, local database.

Import Legislature IntoWord File

It’s now very easy to import legislation text into an active word file without dealing with formatting errors. Just write down the commonly used abbreviation of the law with wanted article number and press CTRL + J key combination or use fetch button thanks to JUSTITIA TOGA .

Preview The Legislature With Task Pane

It’s possible to preview legislation texts before importing into word file with help of Toga’s integrated task pane. This task pane can also be used for checking legal reports against correction.

Create Your OwnArchive

You can save text from any ms word file into Toga's local database. After that these texts can be previewed and imported into any ms word file like pre-saved legislation texts.


Auto Updates ensure users to use latest version of Toga and up-to-date legislation.

Record Exports

Private records saved into Toga's local database can be exported and shared with other users.

Rich Content

Frequently referenced laws with approximately 7,500 articles in total.


Learn how to use Toga in minutes with tutorials


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