Freeware Softwares For Folks Work In Fiscal Area!!!

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Softwares Which Could Be In Necessity On the Processes of E-Audit, Accounting and Internal Audit

Just stop using old procedures and labor-extensive methods to do a machine's work. You will find a decent automation by redesigning your process with the help of our softwares


Computes hash values of electronic files including turkish fiscal e-documents like e-invoice and e-ledgers and writes minutes automatically


Visualizes Turkish fiscal documents which has an extension of xml and helps creating document archieve on disk by its querying options


Enable readers to save reusable text from ms word files into local database and also uses this database to add predefined turkish legislation into word files


Views Fiscal Legislature with best reading options and provides comprehensive search possibilities on the aforementioned data

All programs in the project are free of charge and ads-free

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Who is behind the project?

I'm sure your worries will be relieved while you are learning more about the project and the developer.

ERHAN SELIM (Software Developer)

All programs in the project are coded solely by me. I tried to blend my background in software development area consisting of eighteen years development experience with ten years fiscal area job experience to produce some life-easing products for free.

I had reasons to do so and collected these reasons on About Project page at which you may have a look.

What we have done so far and what we have achieved

Justitia Project is a simple project based on simple goals. Let's have a look at some achievements in the context of these goals.

Hashchecker downloaded more than 2000 times on its first day and facilitated the process of writing minute. It's the first non-government-financed and publicly open program to target creating hash based, automated minutes to be used in fiscal area.


Hasher and Minute Creator

Viewer became the second fiscal e-document viewer in the market after Turkish Revenue Administration's e-invoice program and enabled auditors to use more complete set of query and visualization options when auditing fiscal e-documents.


E-Document Viewer

Toga is the first ms word add-in to target facilitating reading and capturing legislation or any other text with its frequently updated local database. It also enables users to create their own set of texts reached by user defined shortcuts.


MS Word Add-In

All programs in the project are free of charge and ads-free

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